Fireworks Ready - Sounds Scary

Fireworks Ready - Sounds Scary


Fireworks season starts from late October (Halloween week) and continues until the New Year. 

Many dogs find fireworks scary. It's estimated that 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. (source RSPCA)

For many owners this turns into a horrifying time as well, so don’t ignore the problem, there are various ways to deal with it or at least make this time of year more comfortable for your best friend and yourself.

Always make sure to plan in advance! There are many ways you can help your dog gets accustomed to the scary bangs and flashing lights before fireworks season starts.

Ahead of the fireworks season

Planning ahead can help dogs cope with the fireworks season.

Talk to your vet about pheromone diffusers. These disperse calming agents into the room and may be a good option for your dog – in severe cases your vet may even prescribe medication. The Doggy's Cuppa Vet - Veneta always suggests herbal alternatives, so have a look into those. Lavender aromatherapy (essential oil in a diffuser) is a great example.

Before fireworks season starts, provide your dog with a doggy safe haven. A little secluded den where he/she will feel safe and comfortable. This should be in a quiet area of your home and should be a place where your doggy feels in control. Also, don’t interfere with your best friends when they’re in that area. Train your dog to associate the area with positive experiences e.g. by leaving their favourite toys there but not imposing yourself at any time. Also, use a variety of recreational toys and chews and swap them regularly, putting them away when not in use so that your dog doesn’t become bored with them.

With time your dog will start associating this place with positive experiences and will consider it safe and enjoyable. That way, your doggy will know that when fireworks go off they are safe in their den and no harm will come to him/her. Always make sure your best friend has access to his/her safe heaven, especially when you are not at home.


When the fireworks start

1.Best walk your dog during daylight hours before the fireworks start and keep them on-lead at all times if they are scared. When panicked dogs will run away trying to find a place to hide.

2.Keep your dog indoors when there are fireworks. 

3.Close the curtains to block the flashing lights from outside.

4.It’s a good idea to switch the TV or radio to high volume to help mask the sound of fireworks

5.Dogs will try to find a safe place to hide in the house so let them pace around and hide under the bed or in the bathroom if they want to. If you have created a den for your doggy in advance he/she will mostly go and hide there. The best is not to disturb them if they want to hide. Placing some of your clothes there might help keep them calm.

6.Dogs pick up on our energy so try not to show any signs of stress or anxiety around them. Stay calm and act normally, give lots of praise for calm behaviour. 

7.Make sure they have water at their disposal. Dogs tend to drink more when worried.

8.Doggy's Cuppa range offers specially developed Calming Brew and Evening Brew to help ease anxiety and to help dogs relax.


Do check our full range of herbal dog brews that can come very handy at every time.

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Suzanne Crow

Amazing product..
I was skeptical at first but after a few weeks on the calming tea a huge improvement has been noticed. Many other people have said how much calmer and less reactive my youngster is. She is slot more focused when training now too..

Would highly recommend this product

Suzanne Crow

Edward Cox

Our dog, Waffle, has taken a liking to human tea and we were in the process of finding a healthy and dog friendly alternative she could enjoy when we came across Doggy's Cuppa.
We introduced the teas to Waffle and she enjoys them very much. She has tried the Morning, Evening, and Calming brews - the Evening brew being her favourite!
Just a teaspoon of the dried herbs is all that's need for brewing a litre of lovely herbal tea for Waffle to enjoy. Doggy's Cuppa teas have definitely helped her to relax more throughout the day and night.
We are yet to try sprinkling on dry food as she loves the teas so much!
Thanks again, Doggy's Cuppa.
Edward Cox and Waffles

Edward Cox


Buzz loves the Evening Brew. It really settles him before bedtime and it’s so quick to make. Buzz isn’t a massive water drinker so the tea also increases his water intake each day. If he’s had a lot of agility training (leading to a big treat intake) he has a soothing brew to help his digestion. Such a great product for any dog and breaks up their diet with something different- we highly recommend trying Doggy’s Cuppa teas! ???

Follow Buzz here for a daily dose of cuteness.



At first I thought that Coco wouldn't like the tea cause as I've said before, he is really picky when it comes to food but I was wrong! From the first time he absolutely loved it and to my surprise Coco's behaviour has changed, well yes he still has that amazing personality, but he stopped crying when I left him back home and not only that, but he also started eating more! He used to eat once every day, obviously not enough, his food bowl was always full and although I had changed a ton of different brands, he still had that weird behaviour, so now I just mix some of his daily tea in his food and he eats it all! Amazing I know! So obviously I'd give a 10/10.

Follow our little furry-fan Coco at Instagram.


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