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In an increasingly hectic, rush around world where quick, convenient meal solutions still dominate the pet food shelves; it’s all too easy to make poor meal choices that can have serious, long-term ramifications for your pet’s short-term health and longer-term well-being. 

Whilst today’s pet food fixture has made significant strides to up its game, the truth remains that too many tinned foods and kibbles are assembled using: low-grade meats, inappropriate filler grains, mischievous masking salts & sugars and synthetic bulking agents.    

There’s also the small matter of heavy-handed heat treatments (pasteurisation) that rob many well-meaning recipes of a lion’s share of the all-important nutrients and flavour notes that made them so appetizing in the first place.

N.B. We live in a country where dog diabetes continues to escalate and 1 in 4 dogs remain clinically obese

Doggy’s Cuppa is an eclectic collection of easy-to-use tonics that provide a ‘helping paw’ for your pet and peace of mind for any dog owner looking to provide a beneficial boost to their pet’s daily eating regime.




Dr Veneta Kozhuhrova (DVM, MRCVS, Cert, CFVHNut) has been a practicing veterinary surgeon since 2008, and she is a Member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, specializing in canine nutrition (independent consultations & diet formulations).

Doggy’s Cuppa was an eminently sensible next step for a vet who constantly found herself diagnosing and addressing a frequently recurring sequence of debilitating doggy ailments: Digestive and urinary health, old age, stress & angst, dehydration, immune support, energy boosts and obesity.

Her vision was a series of simple, easy-to-use dog brews that tapped into both nature’s larder and pet owners’ long-standing appreciation of a revitalising, daily brew

-          Veneta graduated in 2008 from the University of Sofia (faculty of veterinary medicine)

-          A member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons & The British Veterinary Association

-          Holds a Certificate in Canine & Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition (level 4 RQF).




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Suzanne Crow

Amazing product..
I was skeptical at first but after a few weeks on the calming tea a huge improvement has been noticed. Many other people have said how much calmer and less reactive my youngster is. She is slot more focused when training now too..

Would highly recommend this product

Suzanne Crow

Edward Cox

Our dog, Waffle, has taken a liking to human tea and we were in the process of finding a healthy and dog friendly alternative she could enjoy when we came across Doggy's Cuppa.
We introduced the teas to Waffle and she enjoys them very much. She has tried the Morning, Evening, and Calming brews - the Evening brew being her favourite!
Just a teaspoon of the dried herbs is all that's need for brewing a litre of lovely herbal tea for Waffle to enjoy. Doggy's Cuppa teas have definitely helped her to relax more throughout the day and night.
We are yet to try sprinkling on dry food as she loves the teas so much!
Thanks again, Doggy's Cuppa.
Edward Cox and Waffles

Edward Cox


Buzz loves the Evening Brew. It really settles him before bedtime and it’s so quick to make. Buzz isn’t a massive water drinker so the tea also increases his water intake each day. If he’s had a lot of agility training (leading to a big treat intake) he has a soothing brew to help his digestion. Such a great product for any dog and breaks up their diet with something different- we highly recommend trying Doggy’s Cuppa teas! ???

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